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What is The SYSTEM® Seminar?

Developed by internet marketing pioneer Ken McCarthy, The SYSTEM is the one-and-only comprehensive, A-to-Z training that covers everything you need to know to succeed on the Internet.
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Who is Ken McCarthy?

Back in 1994, before most people had even heard of the Internet, Ken McCarthy organized and sponsored the first Internet marketing conference ever held. His company Amacord Inc., formerly E-Media, was one of the first Internet-based businesses in the world.

In addition to working with small and mid-sized business clients since 1993, McCarthy was a consultant to NEC's Biglobe, the largest online service in Japan, from 1996 to 2001. His book, The Internet Business Manual, was the first book on web entrepreneurship published in that country. He is also credited by Hotwired magazine with being one of the people responsible for the development and popularization of the banner ad, one of the key underpinnings of commercial Internet publishing.

A graduate of Princeton University, McCarthy came to the Internet industry with a varied background which included technical consulting for two of New York's top investment banks, lecturing on educational psychology at MIT, Columbia, and NYU, and founding and operating a number of small businesses, including one that helped produce an Academy Award winning documentary.

Here are a few things people have been saying about Ken over the years.

What is is an attempt to begin to document the enormous impact Ken McCarthy and the System Seminar have had on the Internet marketing world.

As the foremost educator in the field, Ken has trained thousands of Internet marketers over the last twelve years and his influence has been far reaching and profound, especially when you include the number of his students who have gone on to become teachers in their own right.

This current site features a small, but representative sampling of the kinds of people who've studied with Ken, from beginners to leaders in the field, from young people just getting started to accomplished businessmen and women.

What do I need to watch the videos?

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